STAR SHIP NEWS! "How this story is about to become one of our Nation's most interesting allowable Acts by a BLACK WOMAN. How she went from creating her OWN "EPIC CRMINAL ENTERPRISE SYSTEM," to her Acts being interpreted by the scientific community as useful!  She's allegedly and currently paying LA street gang members to go after her own family member - State to State - ongoing activity; indirectly and allegedly have killed another family member while another family member is involved with the KKK for her, conspiracy; another family member investigated  by FBI Agent Meredith Burke of the Los Angeles Office, whose colleagues, are appearing to continue  to allow her to: embezzle over 25 years worth of natural Resoures; Judges continued covered up in a major case involving the family member she alledley and indirectly killed. Yes Ladies and genteleman, Tilte 18 has been thrown completely off the farm for this American  Crime Boss. But now! She's appearing to be getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for our own scientific community ...I know. I know ... what Love does she have, right?! Just over one hundred years after Albert Einstein proposed his general theory of relativity, scientists have mapped nearly 3,000 ancient galaxies to confirm its rules held true in the early universe , all except how we can communicate at such far, far, far distances.

 It wasn't until Los Angeles Space V, Inc. and the RACECAR effect (the spelling of words to and fro from Left to Right in basic mirror images), and its embroiled race to the Stars against Space X (10106276719), et al., that Los Angeles Space V, Inc. discovered how to communicate at these distance; and at a 1:1 ratio its Light Speeds interstellar propulsion "Process (s)." It was this alleged Crime Boss, Black Lady's "Letter" in 'H' that has the whole world hanging on an NWO edge this spiritual warfare.  In it,  Los Angeles Space V, Inc. stumbled across a specific pattern: her lobbying for a Judge to conspire with her, all relative to scientific  forensic reasoning. And afterwards, according to the following and or scientists, CERN could not believe how the  connection of the +W boson established a Parsing process that facilitates a writing complier solely based upon the "Letter's interpretation alone. It quickly grew International attention.  Despite its 35 USC 181 secrecy "Hold," Los Angeles Space V Inc.  then submitted its findings to Geneva for purposes far beyond consideration of a physics laureate. This may be a New Physical State in itself - possibly far beyond the Bose-Einstein condensate. Los Angeles Space V, Inc. and its interstellar spacecraft, Photon 137 commonly known as the "Aurora Borealis Launch Vehicle," it is no longer a far fetched dream as JPL's planetary scientist, Randii Wessen once tried getting Los Angeles Space V, Inc. to give up on and believe. Notes of that day and its recorded conversation, and or as the 90's conversation that took place between said Crime Boss and several other females over the deceased family member's estate (following the Judge's conspiracy), it will all be brought to you! The owner of Los Angeles Space V, Inc. explained the Washington DC committee along side the H.R. 4752 Bill, how the basic accrediting component infrastructure of the "Letter  will apply. Basically, unbeknownst to said Black Lady, her illegal Acts and  said allegiance (s), it all made communications at these distance very, very, very possible. This is also supported by her relationship to / with the situation. (See Russian Scientist, Konstantin Korotkov, 'Capturing Souls after death.' It has been scientifically proven that anyone from a newborn baby to the largest structured human being, they all weigh 28 ounces less at death). And now according to scientists, galaxies now in question, which are 13 billion light-years from Earth, which, formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang, may now all be reached thru communications this stumbled upon discovery. Researchers created a 3D map of the galaxies' positions to confirm these effects of relativity are consistent through the life of the universe, suggesting that dark energy, that plays a role to the universe's expansion: it relays these levels of frequencies in a similar manner the way animals have certain sensibilities that humans do not. See this Corporations 06 thru 15 Income Tax filings 28283.. (President Obama's CA visit numbers)
Using the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's Subaru telescope in Hawaii, researchers measured how the faraway galaxies clustered together and how quickly they moved through space. The team of scientists, led by Teppei Okumura and Chiaki Hikage of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Tokyo, and Tomonori Totani of the University of Tokyo, all are in awe of these findings. However, it was Los Angeles Space V, Inc. discovery thru the  "Letter" and the pending activates thereof. The committee should rule, favoring Los Angeles Space V, Inc. Star Ship News is now


It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when this technology is going to be required to be on


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Einstein's Theory of Relativity Holds True for Early Universe, 3D Map Confirms - See more at:


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Pursuant the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, Article Number 27, I declare these days the "Times of Light and Speed." ~ June.