Welcome to the First and only African American based aerospace / space Corporation in America, the Star Ship Technology Center for the future. On 02-02-06, exactly 10 years and a day ago, the owner and CEO began to do what's been said by the entire scientific community as the impossible, "Faster than Light Speed." Go!
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NOCH Technological Scientific Research Institute, Inc.

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when this technology is going to be required to be on


Just over one hundred years after Albert Einstein proposed his general theory of relativity, scientists have mapped nearly 3,000 ancient galaxies to confirm its rules held true in the early universe.

The galaxies in question, which are 13 billion light-years from Earth, formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang. Researchers created a 3D map of the galaxies' positions to confirm that the effects of relativity are consistent through the life of the universe, suggesting that dark energy plays a role in the universe's expansion.

Using the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's Subaru telescope in Hawaii, researchers measured how the faraway galaxies clustered together and how quickly they moved through space. The team of scientists, led by Teppei Okumura and Chiaki Hikage of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Tokyo, and Tomonori Totani of the University of Tokyo, used Subaru to make the first comprehensive study of early galaxies at such a far distance. [The History and Structure of the Universe in Pictures]- See more at: http://www.space.com/32870-3d-universe-map-confirms-einstein-general-relativity.html#sthash.2nrN0N6D.dpuf

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Original  "AURORA BOREALIS" Launch   


Astronaut, Mr. Neil Armstrong

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity Holds True for Early Universe, 3D Map Confirms - See more at: http://www.space.com/32870-3d-universe-map-confirms-einstein-general-relativity.html#sthash.OmGuCcbe.dpuf


"Final approach"

Pursuant the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, Article Number 27, I declare these days the "Times of Light and Speed." ~ June.

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It's not just another Space Ship. It's a whole New Universe (S )."   

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Andromeda in 3 hours or less and back.

F = MA

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